3D product visualization
Animation concept
3D product video


2017, 2021

For the pressure switch and propulsion technology company suco, I have conceptualized and created several explanatory videos.

For that purpose, I have studied their technical product data and created storyboards to translate technical information into visual. Based on them 3D animations were done.

The latter have been embedded in suco’s YouTube channel, web page and used at trade fairs in order to market their products and ensure a unique customer experience.

Analyzing the technical information and making storyboards

Product information, which were analysed to make one product video. Technical information was converted into visual one and first storyboard was made. After a couple of corrections, decision is made, and video was produced. And it was just one of nine.

test renderings

9 product videos were made with over than 36 models

Mechanical Pressure Switches

Explosion-protected pressure switches

Pressure Switches PLUS

Electronic Pressure Switches

Pressure Transmitters

Self-increasing Clutch

Centrifugal clutches for Hybrid Drive solutions

esi USB-Transducer

esi High Pressure Transmitter

Project was done at

IDEA and art-direction

Anton Vlasenko

storyboard and conception

Anton Vlasenko

3D animation and post-production

Anton Vlasenko

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