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For the international diamond company Levuma I have created visualizations of their jewelry.

Their visualization has been created using provided sketches, making their real production superfluous.

End customers are thus able to see the pieces of jewelry and diamonds in their full splendor, whilst Levuma can produce them on-demand and thus save inventory and warehousing costs.

I have indeed discovered my passion for 3D whilst creating and rendering jewellery pieces. The web page https://diamant.graphics was created, and on this web page, I still do offer clients elaborate jewelry visualizations and modelling. 

3D modeling and visualisation

From sketches to 3D models and to the high-end visualisations. 

The first concept was to place the jewels onto mannequins. After discussions, it was decided to change mannequin contours to light shapes of it to place the jewelries into the front. Black background brings to the jewelry great contrast.

about 40 pieces were modelled and visualised in about 2 months

Some collections included rings, earrings, necklaces and tiaras with different stone forms and colours combinations.

Project was done at diamant.graphics

IDEA and art-direction

Anton Vlasenko

3D modeling

Anton Vlasenko

Visualisation and post-production

Anton Vlasenko

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